384x550 perfect skin eyeshadows base

PERFECT SKIN Professional Eyeshadow Base

Used on eyelids before eyeshadow application it enhances its colour and prolongs the life of makeup. Prevents showering of the applied eyeshadows and their accumulating in the refractions of the skin on the eyelid. Contains mineral UVB filter. Application method: Spread a small amount of the base gently and evenly all over the eyelid, starting from the lash line. Wait a moment until the base is dry, then do the makeup.
384x550 push up mascara


Maximally thickened eyelashes Mascara contains waxes wrapping up the eyelashes — precisely covering them from the roots to the very ends. In effect eyelashes enlarge their volume at all their lengths. Light and elastic formula of the mascara rises eyelashes, leaving them naturally soft. Owing to specially designed brush, the mascara does not stick the eyelashes together and makes them maximally thickened – XXL size! Mascara created for women who want to obtain a stunning effect of artificial eyelashes.
384x550 zoom zoom mascara


Special combination of waxes and modeling components ensures admirably long and perfectly separated eyelashes! Creamy consistency of the mascara makes application very easy and does not leave lumps. A plastic brush with two lengths of bristles precisely models and fantastically brushes out eyelashes. Ensures impressive eye make-up, up till now possible by professional lengthening of eyelashes in beauty salons.