BROW&EYE SETModelling set for eyebrows and eyes

Eyeshadow set for eye makeup. The set consists of two matt and one illuminating eyeshadows. Use the darkest shade for eyebrows so as to highlight their colour. With thin hair or irregular lines, you can precisely define their shape. Cover the eyelids with medium shade. It will highlight the colour of the iris and enhance the look. Special formula with pigments encapsulated with esters of jojoba oil gives a creamy effect. Bright, illuminating shadow applied in the corners of eyes and under eyebrows, reflects light and optically enlarges the eye. The colours perfectly merge with each other, and thanks to micronized mica contained in the formulation the shadows do not flake off and remain durable for many hours.

WILD MASCARALengthening and volumizing mascara

Intense, deep black colour and a spectacular final result! Silicone brush perfectly separates lashes, and specially designed formula lengthens and thickens them. During the whole day Mascara does not flake nor smudge. It remains lasting, and eye makeup is kept for many hours.

TRIO EYESHADOWThree colour eyeshadow

Irreplaceable trio for special tasks in the form of powdery cream eyeshadow will be the cause why no one will be able to take their eyes off you! New technology guarantees intensity of the colour, easy application and unprecedented durability, providing an amazing final result. Pigments of the eyeshadows enveloped by jojoba oil esters give the formula a true creamy effect. Six pallets with original colour combinations allow you to give the eye a desired shape and depth of look. From classic to more decisive colours, enjoy a palette of possibilities!