Bell Perfect Long Lasting Mat Lipstick

Waterproof lipstick of a matte finish in a convenient stick. Thanks to strong pigmentation, it provides a beautiful, intense colour with the first layer. Thin stick makes the application easy and precise. Long wear formula enriched with unique blend of polymers prevents abrasion and formation of unsightly lipstick traces during eating and drinking. Does not dry lips with long-term use and does not highlight the dry skins.

Bell Perfect Long Lasting Mat Lip Contour

Matte lip  liner in deep shades matching Perfect Long Lasting Mat Lipstick. It allows to highlight precisely the outline of the lips, and the twist up  packaging prevents the need for   sharpening. Thanks to the special polymer it is resistant to water and prolongs the life of  lmakeup on the lips.

BELL Chillout Nude Mat Liquid LipsMat liquid lipstick

Bet on smooth, matte lips in stylish nude colours. Smooth, congealing lipstick formula allows for easy application and long-lasting effect. It does not smear and  leaves no  unsightly marks. Deep colour remains on the lips for several hours. The lipstick moisturizes lips, so it does not highlight dry skins.