384x550 BB cream lightening 7in1 eye concealer


The cosmetic combines the properties of the concealer with nourishing effect of under eye cream. Its formula is composed in the way to provide the skin under the eyes with maximum moisture, improve its condition and at the same time hide the fatigue and conceal imperfections. The appropriate composition of components cares about smoothness and elasticity of the delicate skin under the eyes. Specially modified silica contained in the formula provides the effect of “Soft Focus” – it scatters light, which visually minimizes imperfections. The use of pearl pigments makes the skin radiant and it looks more rested. The use of SPF 15, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight guarantees full protection of sensitive and delicate skin under the eyes.

Antibacterial concealer

Very effective in concealing imperfections and blemishes. Enriched with tea wood oil with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is especially recommended for difficult skin with acne. Comes in 3 colours with various applications: light gets rid of tired look around the eyes beige covers up minor skin flows green evens out discoloration

Mask concealer

Easy to apply, so the complexion looks perfect. Silky consistency of the concealer allows to apply a thin coat, which perfectly blends with the skin. Contains light silicones, so it can be spread easily and wears all day. To achieve permanent camouflage, apply powder after using the concealer. Comes in 3 natural shades of complexion.