Bell Perfect Strobing Highlighter

Long lasting illuminator for face and body, leaving intense shine on the skin. The pearlescent pigments contained in the formula optically smooth  the skin and allow to obtain the water pane effect . Proves perfect for contouring and strobing.

Bell Chillout Lips&Cheeks

This convenient combination of rouge and lipstick allows you to create a lips and cheeks makeup in just a few moments. The cream does not require the use of a  brush – you can easily apply it with your fingertips. The universal colour blends perfectly with the skin and leaves a powdery elegant finish.

Bell Chillout Beauty Concealer

Delicate concealer that hides dark circles under the eyes and masks  fine wrinkles. Contains ingredients that provide softfocus effect – illumination and optical skin smoothing. The  formula moisturizes and improves skin elasticity. The product spreads easily and conceals permanently.