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HYPOAllergenic Long-Wear Eye Pencil

An intensively pigmented pencil for those with sensitive eyes, as well as for spectacle and contact lens wearers. The selection of special polymer creates a long-lasting effect, without smudging or reflections in the crease of the eye. The soft, delicate consistency makes the product easy to apply. The convenient pencil needs no sharpening and gives you a precise line, perfect for both the upper and lower eyelids. The collection features six classic and deep shades.
P_oczy_hypo_precise liquid eyeliner_01

HYPOAllergenic Precise Liquid Eyeliner

Durable eyeliner in a deep saturated colour. The line made with a convenient, flexible applicator is precise, does not smear and does not crumble. Thanks to  powerful pigmentation of the product , it is possible to create an intense line without unsightly clearances  after  first application.
P_oczy_hypo_brow-maker_medium na www

HYPOAllergenic Waterproof Brow Maker HypoAlergenic Waterproof Brow Pomade

Waterproof matte pomade for eyebrows of soft texture and powdery finish. Ideal to fill eyebrows and give them proper shape. Thanks to its lasting formula the eyebrow makeup will be preserved for many hours.

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