HYPOAllergenic Long Wear Lip Pencilby Marcelina

Precise contours and lasting lip make-up thanks to hypoallergenic lip liner. The colour is intense after first application. Thanks to soft, delicate texture the lip liner is easy to spread. Gives long lasting effect, does not dry lips and does not smudge. The set includes two vibrant colours – red and intense pink – as well as stylish shades of nude.

Hypoallergenic Mat Liquid Lipstickby Marcelina

Collection of matt lipsticks co-created with brand ambassador of  Bell HYPOAllergenic –  Marcelina Zawadzka and inspired by important for her places around the world. Intensely pigmented lipsticks leave a lasting, matt makeup effect and fashionable colours emphasize the natural beauty of lips.


Gives a matt, velvety effect and the impression of incredibly smooth lips. The application is light and delicate. Thanks to the content of emollients the lipstick does not dry the lips, but moisturizes and nourishes them. A special film forming component intensifies the colour, prevents smearing and enhances its durability. The product does not highlight wrinkles or creases of the lips. Emphasizes their shape and optically fills them.