SECRETALE VELVET LIPSTICKLong-lasting, matte lipstick

The lipstick does not give any sensation of dryness moisturizing and smoothing the lips. It covers the lips with velvet layer of intense, deep colour and powdery finishing. The collection includes amazing shades of red and subtle nude shades which offer elegant and stylish effect.

SECRETALE CONTOUR LIP LINER PENCILLong-lasting, automatic lip pencil

Precision lip liner pencil with intensively pigmented, universal colours. Ideal for emphasising the lip contour or regulating its shape. The formula enriched with a special polymer prevents the lipstick from smearing and significantly enhances the durability of the lip makeup.


Lipstick of subtle colour. It gives the effect of a wet lips – they are moist and juicy, as if covered with a sheet of water. Creamy consistency covers them evenly with velvet, nutritious coating. The product smoothes lips and does not stick them together. It combines durability of lipstick and lightness of lip gloss. Available in trendy shades of dark pink, peach or heather – of nude type. The colour and gloss keep for many hours and the lips remain soft and tempting.