Make-up studio

Try a subtle make-up this spring, and emphasize your natural beauty.


Step by step

1. Step

Use Ms. Perfect Anti-Redness Base on your skin to neutralize any remaining redness from those long winter months. Wait a while before applying a foundation, such as the illuminating Illumi Corrector foundation. To cover any under-eye circles, apply Secretale Perfect Cover Concealer, patting it gently until it is fully absorbed.

2. Step

Set the foundation using Secret Garden Beauty Finish Powder. Sweep the brush over all the powder shades and apply it to your entire face. Highlight your cheekbones with Secretale Soft Blush.

3. Step

For moisturized and full lips, apply lip enhancing Secret Garden Lip Volume Serum and wait for the effect. Define the contours of your lips using Secretale Contour Lip Liner Pencil. For a velvety finish, use Secretale Velvet Lipstick in your favorite color.

4. Step

Define your eyebrows with Secretale Ideal Brow Pencil. Brush the eyebrows up and shape them into arches. Contour and fill in the eyebrows. To remove any excess product, gently brush the hairs once more.

5. Step

Apply the lightest shade from Secretale Eyeshadow Kit over the entire eyelid. Draw a very thin line using Liquid Eyeliner to define your lash line and leave it for a while to set. Next apply the medium shade from the kit along the lash lines, then emphasize the outer corners of your eyes using the darkest shade. Finally, apply the lengthening and thickening Wild Mascara to your eyelashes.


Marcelina Zawadzka – brand ambassador of Bell HYPOAllergenic cosmetics!

Marcelina Zawadzka has become a brand ambassador of Bell HYPOAllergenic make-up cosmetics for women with sensitive skin. A TV presenter, model, Miss Polonia 2011, she is one of the most popular personalities in Polish show business. Her authenticity, femininity and charm perfectly match the qualities of our brand. Being a cosmetology graduate gives her even more credence as the Bell ambassador. The brand has been on the market for 30 years and this is its first such liaison in its history.

Marcelina Zawadzka has been in modelling business since she was 14. The turning point in her career was the title of Miss Polonia which she was awarded in 2011. A year later she represented Poland in the international Miss Universe contest. She was the first Pole after 1989 to stand in that competition.

By taking part in beauty contests she has won acclaim and popularity among viewers, which opened doors to a career in TV. After taking part in such programmes as: Projektanci na start, Dancing with the Stars, or Przygarnij mnie, in autumn 2015, Marcelina became a host in a breakfast TV programme Pytanie na śniadanie, where she continues to develop as a presenter and journalist. Owing to her presence in one of the most popular breakfast programmes she has become one of the most recognised stars in Polish show business. For the reasons above, and on account of her natural beauty, Marcelina has been invited to become a Bell ambassador.

I have established cooperation with Bell as I love their cosmetics and have been using them for years! Besides, I wish to support Polish businesses and I think that our cosmetics are among the best in the world – says Marcelina Zawadzka.

Despite developing quite dynamically, the company has never had its own ambassador. We have long been searching for an ambassador for the Bell HYPOAllergenic brand. We have been looking for a person with a kind disposition, social awareness and exceptional beauty – says Ewelina Sobotka, brand manager for Bell. Marcelina Zawadzka represents these values perfectly – she adds. Her experience in the media, a developing career and unquestionable beauty make her an ideal ambassador of make-up cosmetics for modern women who are aware of their needs and care for their image and appearance. Marcelina’s education in cosmetology has also become an unquestionable asset in fulfilling her function of an ambassador for the line of sensitive skin cosmetics. Being authentic and credible, she is ideal for the role of a Bell HYPOAllergenic ambassador.