ROYAL MAXXX! GRAND VOLUME DIMENSION MASCARA 4D Grand Volume Dimension Mascara with Aloe Vera

Step into the fourth dimension with a luxurious Royal MAXXX! Grand Volume Dimension Mascara 4D and give your lashes the maxxximum volume! Different types of modeling fiber filling the formula of the mascara, work on eyelashes in different directions: thicken, extend, isolate the eyelashes to prevent them from sticking together! And special polymers rise them upwards, giving the effect of coquettishly curled eyelashes. All this to get the 4D effect! highlighted gaze in all directions! But that’s not all! The richness of natural ingredients such as rice wax, beeswax, carnauba wax and olive oil condition the eyelashes weakened by everyday cleansing. Addition of vitamin E and provitamin B5 strengthen the lashes and stimulate them to regenerate faster. Beneficial power of aloe contained in the formula of the mascara: regenerates, nourishes, prevents loss of eyelashes. Durable formula of “long lasting” – type of mascara will allow you to enjoy the spatial volume of eyelashes longer than usual, preventing crumbling and flaking off.