Wedding Makeup

Eyelids shimmering with silver and gold, a perfect youthful complexion and the lips lightly brushed with pink – this is our idea for a light, romantic wedding make-up.



Step by step

1. Step

Apply the light, brightening Bell Illumi Corrector foundation. Powder the central part of your face

2. Step

Use the Ideal Brow Set for contouring eyebrows. Highlight the colour and line using a shade, shape them into bows and set them with wax.

3. Step

In order to brighten the look, put on the nude shade with the warm Secretale Nude Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick no. 2 with a golden shimmer, covering the entire area of the eyelids. Pat the shade in with your finger so that it blends in with the skin.

4. Step

For a fuller lash line create a thin line with the Eye Liner Pencil Classic no 7. Top off your lashes carefully with Glam&Sexy Volume Black mascara. Make sure that they are perfectly separated.

5. Step

Use Bell Cremy&Shiny lipstick on your ... cheeks instead of blush. If your complexion colour is cold, use colour no. 4. A peachy complexion should be highlighted with shade no. 2. Use the same colour for your lips as on the cheeks.